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May 8, 2013

10 Best Mother’s Day Gifts Ever

Mothers Day

Flowers are fine, but there are much more thoughtful and creative ways to honor Mom

By Linda Bernstein | May 6, 2013

Another second-Sunday-in-May, another take-Mom-to-brunch-and-buy-her-flowers day, right?

Not necessarily. You can make this holiday extra-special by doing something out of the ordinary. These 10 thoughtful and creative gift ideas will show your mom how much you really care.

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1. Mani/pedi or massage — at home Mom will feel like a pampered celebrity when a professional manicurist or masseuse shows up at her door. To book a session, check with a spa or nail salon close to her home (or Google if you don’t know any).

What to consider At-home services could cost twice as much as they do in the salon, but they will bring everything that’s needed. Plus it’s only once a year — and she’s worth it, right?

2. Landscaping, inside or out Instead of ordering another bouquet that will last only a week, go for something she can enjoy year-round. If your mother has a yard, get her a flowering bush from a local nursery. No plot of earth? No worry. Indoor potted plants make great décor.

What to consider In most places, spring is an ideal time to plant, but check with the nursery. Also make sure your mom isn’t allergic to the flower or foliage you choose.

3. Cultural adventure If your mother enjoys live performances, find a musical or theatrical experience or or a jazz or swing band show she might love, or buy her a high-definition broadcast of the Metropolitan Opera. 

What to consider People over age 70 often prefer matinees — they don’t have to travel at night, and they can be at home in time for supper.

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4. Go gourmet Think outside the restaurant and offer to whip up a fine meal in her own home (either for Mother’s Day or to be used at her discretion). Create a cute invitation and ask a few of her friends to join you. Carry a theme through on the plates, napkins and simple decorations.

What to consider Try to do most of the prep at your home. Inexpensive catering (e.g., Costo) could save a lot of time and even money. And remember: You’re also on clean-up detail.

5. Gather memories Create a digital photo album that allows your mom to flip through family pictures in high-tech style. Or maybe she’d prefer something old-fashioned, like a scrapbook that includes cherished notes and memorabilia or a coffee-table book of photos. You could also consider replacing older pictures of her kids and grandchildren with updated images.

What to consider I know at a certain point my mother-in-law lost interest in new pictures. She loved the ones she had and complained she didn’t have room for any more frames, so unless this is meant to be a surprise, check with her first.

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