June 24, 2014

2014 PBS Online Film Festival

The annual PBS Online Film Festival is here! Beginning June 16th and ending July 31st, this festival gives PBS viewers and fans the chance to watch innovative and inspiring short films!

Never experienced the annual PBS Online Film Festival? Join us this year! PBS will showcase 26 different films on their website ranging from 6-22minutes long (, giving the viewers the chance to watch these videos and vote for your favorite! Over the past two years PBS has attracted over one million streamers and over 50,000 voters! These films are filled with inspiring stories, eye-opening realizations, and universal obstacles that appeal to a young, diverse audience.

To learn more about the PBS Online Film Festival Click Here!

Here is the list of the 26 excellent films being debuted in the year 2014:

  • 7 Day Gig | National Black Programming Consortium
    • A man mourns his father’s death with strangers from the Internet.
  • A Part of Me, Apart From Me | Louisiana Public Broadcasting
    • A man re-lives his painful memories of his lost love.
  • Border Bedazzlers | Independent Lens
    • Young artists hope to heal the divide between Mexico and the U.S.
  • Calls from Home: Prison Radio in Appalachia | WCVE Richmond
    • A radio station broadcasts hip-hop & shout-outs behind bars.
  • Diamond John | Arkansas Educational Television Network
    • A man tries to support his wife and daughter by digging for gold.
  • Digging for Water | KLRU Austin
    • A Haitian community hand digs a drill that is stuck.
  • Dog Save the Queen | Pacific Islanders in Communications
    • The Million Dollar Corgi Quest comes to the Island of Rarotonga, Cook Islands.
  • El Doctor | Latino Public Broadcasting
    • An Arizona family hires an undocumented day laborer.
  • El Reloj | Latino Public Broadcasting
    • This film shows a day in the life of a Zapotec grandfather and his granddaughter.
  • First Match | KQED San Francisco & Film School Shorts
    • A girl wrestler on an all-boys wrestling team faces some big challenges.
  • I Am The Aurora Hunter | Alaska Public Media
    • Alaskan Todd Salat is one of the best aurora borealis photographers in the world.
  • Islands | Pacific Islanders in Communications
    • Vaine escapes her brutish ‘protector’ and shares a daily word-less love play with Tamatoa.
  • Lady Thunderhawks | Vision Maker Media & Wisconsin Media Lab
    • A women’s basketball team becomes a ray of hope for the whole community.
  • Mad River Rising | Vermont PBS
    • An aging farmer escapes his retirement home and finds himself at his childhood farm.
  • My Dear Americans | National Black Programming Consortium
    • An Indian-American husband and wife adjust to immigrant life in an American suburb.
  • North Star | Vermont PBS
    • This film is a poetic recreation of a slave escaping from the South to New England.
  • Overpass Light Brigade | CET Cincinnati & ThinkTV Dayton
    • Overpass Light Brigade tells the story behind Wisconsin’s Holders of the Lights.
  • Sorry About Tomorrow | CET Cincinnati & ThinkTV Dayton
    • Baldwin goes back in time to break up with the love of his life and avoid tragedy.
  • The Jazz Ticket | POV
    • A High School Jazz teacher helps LA’s struggling kids go to college.
  • The Yellow Wallpaper | KLRU Austin
    • A woman nears insanity as she struggles against the institution that confines her.
  • Tryouts | Independent Lens
    • Nayla, a Muslim-American girl, wants to join her high school’s cheerleading squad.
  • Westland | Arkansas Educational Television Network
    • This film explores the life and art of artist Tim West.
  • Why We Rise | Center for Asian American Media
    • 3 young New Yorkers experience what it’s like to grow up without legal immigration status.
  • Will | KQED San Francisco & Film School Shorts
    • Set during the 9/11 attacks, a young girl wishes she could go back in time.
  • You’re Dead to Me | National Black Programming Consortium
    • A mother and daughter revisit issues with each other on a tragic anniversary date.