October 22, 2012

6 Things Technology Still Can’t Do: A personal wish list for the next Steve Jobs


You can’t go a day — sometimes you can’t go eight seconds — without being reminded of the Great Technology Debate. You know, whether it’s brought more help or harm to us as a culture.

Exhibits A, B and C for the prosecution: couples on their phones during what could otherwise be a romantic dinner; teenagers (or anyone) texting while driving; Internet fraud and viruses. For the defense: worldwide health-awareness and information-sharing systems; the ability for near-universal quantum learning; (re)connection with loved ones.

I don’t care to take sides or participate in the debate. What’s left to say, anyway? My big issue with technology is what it still can’t do. In fact, I have a list of six things I’d love it to be able to do right now.

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