July 1, 2013

Makers of DC: Howard Trailblazers


Makers : Howard Trailblazers is a series of vignettes centered around motivating and inspiring future “Makers” within the local community. What started off as a panel of distinguished faculty at Howard University discussing issues spiraling from the Makers documentary, became a collection of vignettes that enabled these dynamic woman to delve into the stories behind their success. Each spoke under the topics of “Overcoming” and “Being Encouraged.”

MAKERS originated from a very clear premise: over the last half century, the work of millions of women has altered virtually every aspect of American culture. The MAKERS platform tells the story of these exceptional women — both famous and heretofore unknown individuals — whose pioneering contributions continue to shape the world in which we live.


Dr. Kimberly Jones

 Ms. Molette Green

Dr. Tricia Bent-Goodley

Dr. Dana Williams


Dr. Judi Moore-Latta