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Illinois becomes last state to allow ‘concealed carry’

Posted  July 10, 2013  by  WHUT Howard University Television

9 July 2013 Last updated at 21:45 ET The mother of a Chicago murder victim says too many people have access to guns Illinois has become the last state in the US to allow residents to carry concealed handguns, after lawmakers overrode the governor’s veto. Large majorities in the state House and Senate dismissed objections […]

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Kaya Henderson on The Next Rock Newman Show – Wednesday at 8pm

Posted  March 26, 2015  by  WHUT Howard University Television

On June 21, 2011, the DC Council confirmed Kaya Henderson as Chancellor of DC Public Schools. A native of Mt. Vernon, N.Y., Henderson was born on July 1, 1970, and attended Mt. Vernon public schools, where she graduated from Mt. Vernon High School with honors. Henderson was strongly influenced by her late mother, Kathleen Henderson, […]

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The 2015 PBS Writers Contest

Posted  February 12, 2015  by  WHUT Howard University Television

Few things spark a child’s imagination like a good book and that’s why WHUT is looking for your child’s original stories! WHUT encourages students from D.C., Maryland and Virginia (DMV)  to create an original story as part of the PBS KIDS Writers Contest. Local Contest Guidelines: The contest is open to children in grades K-3rd grade. […]

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