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The Mimi Geerges Show Featuring Waiel El-Maadawy & Russell Frost

Posted  November 2, 2016  by  WHUT Howard University Television

Three American contractors were taken and held captive for 31 days by a Shia militia allied with the Iraqi government. They were interrogated, beaten and held in stress positions. Iraqi officials put out misinformation about who they were and what they were doing. Waiel El-Maadawy and Russell Frost describe their ordeal.

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Arts & Culture

The Women Who Make America: From All Points of View

Posted  March 7, 2013  by  WHUT Howard University Television

When you think of the Women’s Rights Movement in the United States, what iconic images come to mind? How about Rosie the Riveter? She’s strong, she’s capable and she’s ready to take on the job of any man. Her image has evolved from its roots as a propaganda tool (encouraging women to enter the workforce […]

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Health & Wellness

Avoiding Addiction When It’s in Your DNA

Posted  December 13, 2012  by  WHUT Howard University Television

To understand more about the link between addiction and genes, science correspondent Miles O’Brien drinks a mixture of 30 grams of pure ethanol and Diet Coke, the equivalent of three stiff drinks, and undergoes a series of tests. BY MILES O’BRIEN I grew up in a house where the booze flowed freely and I was […]

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The Rock Newman Show Featuring Julianne Malveaux

Posted  April 7, 2016  by  WHUT Howard University Television

The Rock Newman Show Featuring Julianne Malveaux

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