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Danny Strong on the Rock Newman Show

Posted  December 7, 2016  by  WHUT Howard University Television

On this episode of The Rock Newman Show we explore the EPIC journey of DANNY STRONG. Possibly the most powerful, riveting interview I’ve had. A LOVE STORY. A HORRIFIC TRAGEDY. LOSS. DESPAIR. DETERMINATION. TRIUMPH.

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Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens on The Mimi Geerges Show

Posted  December 1, 2016  by  WHUT Howard University Television

Americans have been joining or expressing sympathy for ISIS in unprecedented numbers. Since last year about 250 Americans have traveled or attempted to travel to the “Caliphate.” There are 900 active investigations against ISIS sympathizers in all 50 states. So, what’s the draw? What do girls and women find so appealing? Why are a large […]

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Dr. Greg Carr & Dr. Keneshia Grant on The Rock Newman Show

Posted  November 23, 2016  by  WHUT Howard University Television

Examining moving forward with Donald Trump as President, we have Howard University Professors Dr. Keneshia Grant and Dr. Gregory Carr. They visit us to talk about what exactly happened for Trump to win the election and the possible ramifications of his presidency. And our visiting professors present one the most thorough explanations of the Black […]

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#ARTICO | Art In Your Community | Ep. 104

Posted  November 17, 2016  by  WHUT Howard University Television

We visit the Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club… Dance along with the Kankouran… Hang out with celebrated authors… check out FotoWeek DC, and more.

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