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The Mimi Geerges Show

The Mimi Geerges Show Featuring Hipolito Acosta

Posted  August 25, 2016  by  WHUT Howard University Television

US Border Patrol agents went undercover to bust the biggest human smuggling ring in history. And the illegals streaming into the country aren’t Hispanic, they’re South Asians. Hipolito Acosta ran the operation to hunt down Maan Singh.

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Don't Worry, Retire Happy

Wed 8/5, 7:30pm – Don’t Worry, Retire Happy with Tom Hegna

Posted  July 31, 2015  by  WHUT Howard University Television

Are you afraid your money will disappear before you reach your sunset years? Are you worried about retirement? In this new public television special, Don’t Worry, Retire Happy, financial expert Tom Hegna explains why there is no need to fear and how you can create a bright, happy life in retirement simply by following his […]

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6 Things Technology Still Can’t Do: A personal wish list for the next Steve Jobs

Posted  October 22, 2012  by  WHUT Howard University Television

You can’t go a day — sometimes you can’t go eight seconds — without being reminded of the Great Technology Debate. You know, whether it’s brought more help or harm to us as a culture. Exhibits A, B and C for the prosecution: couples on their phones during what could otherwise be a romantic dinner; […]

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The Rock Newman Show

The Rock Newman Show ft. Congressman Chris Van Hollen

Posted  January 27, 2016  by  WHUT Howard University Television

The Rock Newman Show ft. Congressman Chris Van Hollen

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