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The Rock Newman Show

The Rock Newman Show featuring Dr. Jill Stein

Posted  May 12, 2016  by  WHUT Howard University Television

The Rock Newman Show featuring Dr. Jill Stein

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The Mimi Geerges Show Featuring Nibras Kazimi

Posted  June 25, 2016  by  WHUT Howard University Television

Iraqi writer and analyst Nibras Kazimi discusses the political upheavals, the sectarian violence and the IS’s occupation of parts of the country, What’s next for Iraq and is the democracy the US hoped for in 2003 still possible?

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Health & Wellness

What the Supreme Court Decision on Health Care Mean for You

Posted  July 3, 2012  by  WHUT Howard University Television

Declared constitutional, the Affordable Care Act will have immediate impact By Lani Luciano | June 29, 2012 Despite today’s drama, the Supreme Court’sdecision to uphold the Affordable Care Act may mean less for the future of universal health coverage than meets the eye, for two reasons: The upcoming election, not today’s ruling, will determine the health care […]

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The Rock Newman Show Featuring Commander Dale Brown

Posted  October 2, 2016  by  WHUT Howard University Television

Commander Dale Brown of “Threat Management Services” in Detroit visits The Rock Newman Show to talk about lessons learned in his over 20 years of protecting communities in Detroit and other cities across America. Listen as Commander Dale Brown talks about the effectiveness and success of Threat Management’s “Life Over Law” method verses the training […]

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