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#ARTICOtv | Art In Your Community | Ep. 105

Posted December 23, 2016 by WHUT Howard University Television

Designer ICE at the Gaylord Hotel… Conversational Art… Brows on Fleek… Wearable Art from the BZB Black Gift Show…. WOW! Window dressing and more.

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Go Go Music Special on The Rock Newman Show

Posted December 21, 2016 by WHUT Howard University Television

This episode is dedicated to that sweet Go-Go Sound! On this show we’ll examine that unmistakable sound that emanates from the Black Communities of Washington D.C. and who’s impact can be heard around the World. Our guests include Go-Go Legend Chuck Brown’s daughters Cherita “Cookie” Whiting and K.K. Brown, Jimi Dougans from “The Young Senators” […]

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Thomas A. Moorehead on The Rock Newman Show

Posted December 12, 2016 by WHUT Howard University Television

“The local businessman makes automotive history as the first African American to own a Rolls-Royce dealership in the United States” was the title of the Washington Life Magazine that featured Mr. Thomas Moorehead, the owner Roll Royce of Sterling in 2015. And his success by no means end there! Come along with us on this […]

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Danny Strong on the Rock Newman Show

Posted December 7, 2016 by WHUT Howard University Television

On this episode of The Rock Newman Show we explore the EPIC journey of DANNY STRONG. Possibly the most powerful, riveting interview I’ve had. A LOVE STORY. A HORRIFIC TRAGEDY. LOSS. DESPAIR. DETERMINATION. TRIUMPH.

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Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens on The Mimi Geerges Show

Posted December 1, 2016 by WHUT Howard University Television

Americans have been joining or expressing sympathy for ISIS in unprecedented numbers. Since last year about 250 Americans have traveled or attempted to travel to the “Caliphate.” There are 900 active investigations against ISIS sympathizers in all 50 states. So, what’s the draw? What do girls and women find so appealing? Why are a large […]

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