August 20, 2012

The Best Way to Pay for College


PBS NewsHour business and economics correspondent Paul Solman is now answering questions from Next Avenue visitors about personal finances, business and the economy. His advice will appear on Next Avenue as well as Solman’s PBSNewsHour blog, Making Sen$e With Paul Solman, 
and the Rundown, NewsHour’s blog of news and insight. PBS NewsHour is an hour-long television news program and accompanying website with the mission of providing intelligent, balanced and in-depth reporting and analysis of the day’s most important domestic and international issues and news.

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What’s the smartest way to fund your kids’ college careers? Last year we cashed in some stock and got killed with tax penalties because it looked as though we had a windfall. In fact, we’ve already stashed some stocks for retirement … which all of a sudden isn’t that far away. Taking out a home-equity loan scares us a little (the house will be paid off in eight years). I’m not sure what to do.  —Valerie Smith Sheehy

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