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Bright by text  - web banner, GIrl with sign up instructions - Text "W.H.U.T." to 27444 for Free resources

Bright by Text Delivers Developmental Games and Tips Right to Parents’ Cell Phones for Free


Through a Ready To Learn grant, WHUT has teamed up with Bright by Text to bring the texting program to the Metropolitan Washington D.C. and surrounding communities! The program offers parents and caregivers expert tips and resources for children prenatal to 8 right at their fingertips.

DID YOU KNOW -  that in the early years a child’s brain is developing at a faster rate than it will at any other point in their life? The interactions that a child has with adult caregivers at this stage of their life set the foundation on which all later learning, behavior, and health depends.

Bright by Text helps parents and caregivers (grandparents, too!) make the most out of these interactions by illustrating fun and easy activities, providing positive parenting tips and resources, tips for aiding a child’s physical development, and much more. The program is proven to build nurturing caregiver-child relationships, and positively impact a child’s healthy development and school readiness.

In addition to expert content, Bright by Text includes messages about events and resources specific to the Washington D.C. community, like free museum days, health clinics, and preschool open enrollment periods.

To sign up, parents and caregivers with children under 8 can text the word WHUT to 274448. They will receive 2 to 5 text messages per week, and each message includes a link to a landing page with more detail, short modeling videos, and links to related resources.

WHUT Bright by text square image - Young AA man and baby son, Intructions to Register for Bright By text via WHUT



  • Provide developmental education and guidance based on the expected birthdate or age of a child up to 8

  • Synthesize content curated from partners such as Bright by Three, PBS, Vroom, and Sesame Street

  • Deliver relevant information about local resources and events where community partners exist

  •  Link to a landing page with more learning materials including short modeling videos and related books

  • Guided by a Content Advisory Board comprised of early childhood experts

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This website and its content was developed under a grant from the Department of Education. However, the contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government. The project is funded by a Ready To Learn grant (PR/AWARD No. U295A150003-18, CFDA No. 84.295A) provided by the Department of Education to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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