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WHUT-TV is proud to support the 2023 FilmFest DC! Filmfest DC seeks to keep pace with global culture and social activities, taking a special focus on issues of the moment in hopes of increasing clarity and civil discourse. Filmfest DC aims to make our lives more connected and meaningful and believes good movies make the world a better place. 

Watch Schedule 

Sunday April 16

6:00 PM Go-Go City

7:00 PM Fat Boy: The Billy Stewart Story

8:00 PM Mr. Soul! 


Saturday April 22

8:00 PM Mr. Soul!

Saturday April 29

8:00 PM Fat Boy: The Billy Stewart Story


Saturday May 6

8:00 PM Go-Go City 


Go-Go City: Displacement & Protest in Washington, DC, a documentary film by Samuel George of the Bertelsmann Foundation, dives into this rich and colorful tapestry and the forces behind the gentrification that stand to mute it. The film interweaves scenes of protest as displaced communities take to the streets to rally around the city’s beloved Go-Go music. 


"FatBoy: The Billy Stewart Story" tells the journey of this incredible singer from his days as a young piano player to a famous R&B balladeer of the 1960s. He battled being over weight reaching at times 300 pounds. Billy Stewart recorded for Chicago’s Chess Records.His hit tunes included “I Do Love You” “Sitting In The Park”and a stunning remake of the George Gershwin classic “Summertime”. A special bonus segment "Keeping The Legacy of Billy Stewart" describes the influence of Billy Stewart and his music on contemporary artists of R&B, HipHop, and Go-Go music.


In 1968, producer Ellis Haizlip developed a new show aimed at Black audiences, one that used the familiar variety-show format to display and celebrate the breadth of Black culture. For five years, the public television series SOUL! highlighted Black literature, music, and politics, and often paired guests in unexpected juxtapositions that gave them an opportunity to shine in unique ways.  Mr. SOUL! delves into this critical moment in television history, as well as the man who guided it, through participants’ recollections and archival footage, highlighting a turning point in representation whose impact continues to resonate to this day.

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