Join in the Discussion about Public Media and WHUT TV  


For nearly 40 years, WHUT has played a unique and important role in Washington, DC. Its relationship to Howard University and its commitment to the city and community guides its mission to provide quality, compelling programming to educate, inform, kindle curiosity and entertain. 


As the official voice of WHUT viewers, the Community Advisory Board works closely with station leadership to help advance that mission and ensure that its programming choices and outreach initiatives reflect the interests and concerns of the broader community. 


In that effort, sometimes it works –and sometimes it doesn’t. That’s the reason for this page and this forum, to discuss, praise, critique and debate the choices WHUT makes and make sure the “public” remains engaged in public media. 


You can join us, by following this page or signing up for alerts when new topics are added. Comment. Weigh in. Participate. 


I LOVE WHUT.... Amazing Programing for both Adults and Kids... Happy to see them in the communuity as well!