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Smart Money Moves

30 min   |   ENGLISH   |  WHUT 

Host Marcia Griffin

Tips on how to discuss money topics with your parents, children and other family members.

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Tips on paying for college and avoiding crippling student loan debt.

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Learn about programs that help homeowners keep their homes during difficult times.

Every day, hardworking people covering all racial, gender and income groups are feeling the financial squeeze of modern life in America. Salaries no longer cover what they used to, the middle class is shrinking, savings levels continue to languish, and college tuition has skyrocketed. The stress of major and minor money worries are decreasing the health and happiness of Americans from coast to coast.


SMART MONEY MOVES: Wealth Building for Everyday People will offer viewers tips and tricks to improve their finances no matter what their personal economic situation is so they can breathe easier and live better.  

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Learn how to stop drowning in debt and start to live debt, and stress free.

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What you need to know about protecting your property, money and trusts upon death.

How to grow a positive money mindset so we control money instead of it controlling us.

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What exactly is cryptocurrency, how does it work and is it safe to buy?

How do credit and credit scores impact our ability to buy the thing we want?

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What steps do you need to take to buy a new home or refinance an existing one?

Tips on paying for college and avoiding crippling student loan debt.

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Why is the racial wealth gap so persistent and what can be done to close it?

Can financial apps help you manage your money better or are they just more work?

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