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1. How long does my membership last?


As a monthly sustaining donor, your membership auto-renews and is always current. WHUT Sustainers provide WHUT with reliable, consistent support.


For donors who made a one-time gift, your membership lasts for one year.


2. What is a WHUT Sustainer?


WHUT Sustainers are donors who support WHUT with an ongoing, monthly gift that auto-renews each year. We are so grateful for all of our sustaining members!


3. How long will it take to receive my gift?


Your gift will be delivered to the address provided approximately 4-6 weeks after your donation is processed.


PLEASE NOTE: Items can become backordered (due to external circumstances outside of our control like national demand, weather, manufacturing issues/updates, etc.) and may be delayed or take longer to arrive. If an item is (or becomes) back-ordered, the shipping/delivery timeframes may vary and could be longer than usual.



4. Can I donate without receiving a gift?

Absolutely! Simply click here and complete the form. Thank you!


5. What is WHUT Passport?


WHUT Passport is a benefit for WHUT members that provides you with extended access to an on-demand library of quality public television programming. WHUT Passport is available to WHUT donors with a yearly contribution of $60 or more (or an ongoing contribution of $5/month or more as a sustaining member). For more information, visit our WHUT Passport Page.



6. What should I do if I have not received my gift after 4 weeks?


If you have not received your gift within 4-6 weeks, please contact Member Services at or call

(202) 806-3057, and we’d be happy to check on the status of your gift for you.


7. What if I receive the wrong gift or my gift is damaged?


·We are so sorry! If your gift is not correct or is damaged, please contact Member Services at or call (202) 806-3057. Please include the name of the gift and the issue.


8. Is my contribution tax-deductible?


Donations to WHUT are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law, minus the fair market value of any thank-you gift(s) received.


For monthly sustaining donors, we will send you an official summary of your giving for tax purposes at the end of the calendar year. This should be received by the end of January.


For one-time donors, your initial acknowledgment letter, received a few weeks after your donation was processed, serves as your receipt for tax purposes.


9. Can my contribution be automatically deducted from my bank account (EFT/Direct Debit)?


·Yes! This is a great option to ensure your contribution goes further in supporting WHUT since there are no credit card fees involved. You can set up an automatic deduction securely over the phone by calling our Membership Hotline at 1-866-900-9488. You can also mail us a voided check to WHUT – Howard University Television Member Services 2222 4th St NW Washington, DC 20059.



10. How do I update my payment method?

To update your payment method securely online, please click here. To update your payment method securely over the phone, please call our 24-hour Update Hotline at 1-800-770-5319.


11. Why are the thank you gifts WHUT offers during pledge drives so expensive? Why can’t I buy these items at a regular retail price?


As a public television station, WHUT relies on community support for a great deal of our funding. The DVDs, CDs, books, or other items we offer during our pledge drives are intended as a “thank-you” gift for supporting the station with a donation, not as a retail transaction. To encourage viewers to become members of the station, we suggest various pledge levels and offer individual items or packages as incentives to contribute at that level. These

items allow us to give members something tangible for their donation in support of our programming.



12. I just sent you my renewal check. Why did I receive another renewal letter?


To save money for the quality programming you expect from WHUT, renewal notices are printed and sent out in bulk. This means that it takes several weeks for a renewal letter to get to you. As a result, your renewal gift and our letter probably crossed in the mail.


13. What is your return policy?


Unopened items in their original packaging may be returned for a full refund. For thank-you gifts being returned to our fulfillment center in Ohio, the bottom right half of the packing slip is considered (and can be used as) a return label.


f you do not have this label (or for thank-you gifts being returned to the station in NW Washington, DC), please put the items back into the original package, seal it, write the word REFUSED/RETURN TO SENDER on the outside, and drop it into any mail receptacle (packages with REFUSED must be dropped into a mail receptacle. Taking it to the post office may incur shipping fees). Once the item has been received and confirmed as in good condition, a refund will be processed.


Please note: WHUT does not provide reimbursement for any shipping fees related to returns.


If you’d like clarification about your gift or have other questions, please call us at 202-806-3057 or email us at with questions BEFORE you break the seal off/unwrap the item(s).



14. How do I cancel my monthly donation?


 To make adjustments to your pledge, please send us an email at or give us a call at 202-806-3057.

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