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Why Volunteer for WHUT?


When you become a WHUT Volunteer, you can:

  • Support public broadcasting.

  • Meet dedicated volunteers and staff who share your commitment to Public Broadcasting.

  • Have the opportunity to apply for a variety of short- and long term positions that match your interests, talents, and schedule.

  • Receive training and gain new skills, from going behind the scenes of fundraising during a membership drive to making thank-you calls to members and more.

  • Pursue leadership opportunities through several volunteer positions.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are 16 years of age or older, and able to volunteer at least six hours during a six-month period, consider an on-going volunteer opportunity. 

* Additional training and leadership opportunities are available. We welcome all people and organizations interested in volunteering with us. Whether it’s supporting our pledge and fundraising activities, helping out in our community events, or simply answering phones, there’s always a place where your time and efforts are valued here at WHUT.

For more information contact: WHUT

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