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Along with our weekly shows and content, WHUT is also has an array of special that vary from health, finances, and politics and how these issues impact our communities, while also speaking on ways we can be a catalyst for change. 

50 Years of Kojo Nnamdi

Kojo Nnamdi has been the voice of the DMV for more than 50 years on both radio and television, covering everything from politics to health; and race relations to literature. Nnamdi’s longtime friend and fellow TV host, Rock Newman, puts Nnamdi in the interview seat for a candid conversation on the life and career of the man behind the voice.

Before You Vote

How many times have you heard, "This is a crucial election," but you didn't even know what's on YOUR ballot or how it will affect you and others? Join WHUT and other special guest  and learn  how to get registered to vote, the many methods to cast your ballot, what's on your ballot, and how to be an engaged and educated voter as you head to the polls.

For Our Sisters- A Conversation on Breast Cancer

Breast cancer plays no favorites. You can be young, old, Black, white, Hispanic, even male, although that’s less common. About one in eight women in the United States will get breast cancer in their lifetime, and more than 40,000 women will die from it each year. For Black women the numbers are far worse. . In a one-hour special, former veteran anchor Andrea Roane, talks to a panel of experts and cancer survivors to hear answers and find hope.

A Conversation: James Rhee & Kristina Francis

James Rhee, Johnson Chair of Entrepreneurship for the Cathy Hughes School of Communications at Howard University has a candid conversation with Kristina Francis, Executive Director at JFFLabs at Jobs for the Future.

The Black Fire Documentary

The Black Fire Documentary uncovers Washington, DC’s music and cultural heritage by highlighting the music, message, and art of the people behind Black Fire Records — a Black-owned independent jazz record label started in Chocolate City, aka the nation’s capital in the 1970s.

Impact on the State of Black America and the Black World - National Town Hall Meeting

Join WHUT as we discuss challenges and opportunities in terms the potential of Black voter engagement to impact public policy as result of the election.

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