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Individual Memberships

Give an ONGOING, MONTHLY Gift as a WHUT Sustainer: WHUT Sustainers support WHUT with ongoing, monthly donations that auto-renew each year.

Why become a WHUT Sustainer?

As a WHUT Sustainer, your contributions provide WHUT with dependable, ongoing support. Your membership automatically renews each year and is always current. This is a great way to show your continuous support of WHUT.

Give a ONE-TIME Gift: Support WHUT with an annual contribution





Take a leadership role with others in the community, ensuring WHUT’s future, with a monthly donation of at least $100/month or a one-time gift of at least $1000. Read More.



Donate By Phone

Call our 24/7 Membership Hotline at

1-866-900-WHUT (9488)

Donate Online

Give securely using our online form

WHUT Leadership Circle - Logo - illustration - Links to WHUT leadership circle page

Donate by Mail:

Make check/money order out to: 

WHUT – Howard University Television

2222 4th St NW

Washington, DC 20059


WHUT Passport allows eligible WHUT donors (donors with a yearly contribution of at least $60 or an ongoing, sustaining donation of at least $5/month) to watch even more episodes of your favorite shows, including full seasons of many current and past series.



Throughout the year, WHUT offers various giveaways from station-branded products to tickets to local events. As a member who subscribes to our newsletter, you’ll be the first to hear about these opportunities and a chance at winning!


Special Invitations to Events


WHUT hosts, and attends, many events throughout the year. Some are held at the station and some out in the community. As a member who subscribes to our newsletter, you’ll be the first to hear about these exciting events

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