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Game With Us!   

Join Pinkalicious and Rafael for a beach day! Build sand castles, go on a treasure hunt, decorate a tide pool, and dance with the fish!

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Alma Goes to Puerto Rico 

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Hey Parents and Caregivers!

Explore and play all summer long with various free resources from PBS KIDS. Spark curiosity and creativity with hands-on activities and games supporting literacy, math, science, and fun.

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Summer Fun Activities

Summer might be halfway over, but the fun doesn't have to be. See how you and your little one can make the most of the rest of the hot season: 

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The pyrotechnics, colors, and booms make fireworks exciting but how are they made? Why are they loud? And why do we celebrate with fireworks on the 4th of July? Tune in with licensed fireworks professional Dr. John Steinberg and explosives expert David Chavez to explore the science of fireworks, including how changing materials can make them better for the environment and unleash new, more vibrant colors into the night sky.

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