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2nd Annual ‘Black Women Soar’ Ceremony Celebrates 50 years of Women’s Basketball at Howard

Updated: Mar 29

(Left) Saadiya Doyle, Angela Richmond, Melanie Paige, and Coach Redd (Right)

Trailblazers, present-day athletes, and future leaders in basketball gathered for WHUT’s 2nd annual ‘Black Women Soar’ ceremony—a tribute to the contributions of Black women in sports. The event kicked off with a celebratory dinner allowing current and former players to celebrate the legacy of the Howard women’s basketball program.

Organized by WHUT’s Education and Outreach manager Keisha Nelson and Director of Content Angie Ange, Black Women Soar was a precursor to the premiere of “The Golden Year: Howard Women’s Basketball.”

Education and Outreach Manager Keisha Nelson

The WHUT original documentary “The Golden Year,” honors the 50th anniversary of Howard’s women’s basketball. The documentary was executive produced by WHUT’s Director of Content Angie Ange and directed/produced by TL Benton and Mecca Filmworks. Honorees and attendees watched an exclusive premiere of the documentary and shared stories of their time on the court.

‘Black Women Soar’ was a memorable night filled with trivia, team rivalry, and celebration. During the ceremony, WHUT honored five women who had a significant impact on women’s basketball.

(Left) Sa’lah Hemingway, Nile Miller, Janyah Bohanon, Iyana Warren, Tyana Walker, Kiaya Creek (Right)

The honorees of the night included Trinity Washington University head coach Angela Richmond, Howard alumna and Elizabeth Seton girl’s basketball head coach Cabria Johnson, “Can’t retire from this” documentary creator Melanie Paige, Former Howard women’s basketball player and MEAC all-time leading scorer Saadia Doyle, and Howard women’s basketball head coach Ty Grace.

As Women’s History Month comes to an end, honor the women making strides in sport by tuning into “The Golden Year” on WHUT.

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